TestimonialsRave reviews from the client. “We’ve never heard such articulate moms” and “This is the best young adult group we’ve ever seen. Rave reviews from me too!” – Focus Group Moderator

Thank-you. Great recruit. You consistently make us look good.” – Focus group Moderator

Just a quick note to let you know how great the respondents were for the small business study. The clients were very pleased with the research!” – Focus Group Moderator

Last night’s session went great! The respondents were excellent, very articulate and eager to play along with our exercises, and client team was very happy! And, we had a full show rate :)” – Brainstorming moderator

Study is going very well – awesome recruits so thank-you, especially as I know that it was not easy.” – On-line moderator

“Thank-you for some great groups last night.” – Focus Group Moderator

Just wanted to let you know that the respondents in both Toronto and Vancouver were fantastic! Thank-you so much, you did an awesome job . And I totally forgot to mention it before, but the same was true for last weeks recruit!” – Focus Group Moderator

“All groups were exceptional, hard working, and thoughtful. Perfect show rate. Thanks for your hard work on them.” – Focus group moderator

“Montreal recuit was wonderful. The people were already excited in the waiting room…great recruit.” – Focus group moderator

“Thanks for such a great job of recruiting. The respondents were all fabulous. The re-screener did a great job of re-screening and we had superb groups! Well done!” – Focus group moderator

Kids in-home respondents were awesome. Thanks.” In-Home moderator