About Research Professionals

Research Professionals was started in 1992 with one sole purpose: Excellence.

The Professionals

For the past 28 years we, as a full service recruiting and project management company, have continually maintained a strong client base and delivered articulate, qualified respondents for any type of research.

We have consistently excelled in recruiting and project management in qualitative and quantitative research with a hands on approach, to meet a wide range of customized project specifications.

You can be assured and confident that your project runs smoothly and accurately, from inception to the research session, whether in the GTA, nationally, or internationally.

All projects are managed at director level.

We partner with you to understand your objectives and pride ourselves in our ability to be flexible in working with our clients throughout the research process. We are very flexible in working with our clients, in all aspects, during the whole process to meet your project requirements.

We have been a member of MRIA since 1995, and submit monthly to MRIA Central Registry.

Excellence is our promise!


Project Management

We go beyond recruiting to ensure project success:

  • Manage all local, multi-city national and international projects from our office
  • Write screeners based on your specs for all markets
  • Maintain a network of partners and suppliers across Canada and Internationally to co-ordinate all your multi-city projects
  • Collect and manage all associated multi-city costs
  • Supply our partners with screeners and specification profile grids for across the board consistency
  • Review specs from all markets before providing you with daily updates
  • Manage any issues as they arise, from all markets

The ProfessionalsRecruiting

We deliver:

  • Accurate, reliable recruiting
  • Precision recruiting with articulate respondents to meet your specifications
  • Excellent reliable show rates, with back-ups to replace last minute cancellations.
  • In-house recruiting in Toronto and the GTA from our extensive database (general, ethnic, medical) or from client provided lists
  • Adherence to strict confidentiality and privacy laws
  • Intensive recruiter training and constant monitoring
  • On location re-screeners (when requested) to confirm respondents in person prior to the research

Who we recruit:

  • General population consumer respondents
  • Ethnic, New Canadian respondents
  • Specific consumer health respondents
  • Professional, Executive, Business respondents
  • Medical doctors, Specialists, Pharmacists


We recruit for:

  • Focus group sessions, Triads, Paired interviews, and One-on-one interviews
  • In-home interviews, and Friendship groups
  • Telephone interviews
  • Eye tracking research
  • On-line / Bulletin boards
  • Web-cam focus groups
  • In-store walk research
  • Ethnographic research
  • Commercial / Advertising testing
  • Movie and Television previews
  • Hands-on product testing / Taste testing
  • Product testing before participating in the research / Product placement and handling
  • Kitchen testing
  • Sampling

Our telephone interviewers:

We hire the best, with the same driving principle the company adheres to: pride in excellence, and teamwork. Our interviewers are all university or college educated, or in the process. All interviewers sign a confidentiality agreement and have passed a criminal background check. All recruiters are given intensive training, and are constantly monitored.