About Our Questionnaires

BusinessIf you are interested in participating in our research, please fill in one of the questionnaires on-line.

You can also call 416-488-8774, or email here.

We cover all topics in our focus groups.

Please be honest with your responses. We consistently look for users and non-users of products and services. Sometimes clients look to speak with people who have used their product a long time ago, but not currently, to find out why they have stopped using it, or switched brands.

Answering yes to everything, will not help you to participate in our research.

Compensation varies with each type of project and length of time required.

The questions are optional. Fill in the fields with N/A (Not Applicable) that you are not knowledgeable about, Please don’t leave a blank space. don’t use, or are uncomfortable discussing in a group setting, or research interview.

Once you are register with us you will remain in our database, until you request to be removed. It is not necessary to re-register.

We do not sell or divulge any personal information to other parties.